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Fast Foodfax Verdict:

Bruschetta with Garlic & Parsley LGM Foods

Overall Product Score: 50 Norm: 34 Max: 48 Min: 16 CMR Reference: 140915

New & Different

Better than what’s out there, Very attractive to consumers who were impressed by the ‘good packaging’. Set a category record for pre test purchase intention. Testers were impressed further after tasting as the Bruschetta far surpassed the category norms in all product delivery
measures with the exception of “health”.

Very impressive sales potential, set a new category record on both value for money and would buy intention.

  • Very crisp
  • Good value
  • Re-sealable pack
  • Good sell by date
  • Handy size
  • Good packaging
  • Lovely taste
  • Flavoursome
  • Attractive
  • Not greasy
  • Good size

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Artificial after taste

The Bruschetta with Garlic and Parsley from Aldi has set a new category maximum for Cold Savoury Hand Held Snacks as it continued to go from strength to strength throughout testing. The ‘attractive’ packaging resulted in high pre test measures including very high initial appeal. Achieving a maximum innovation score of 20, the Bruschetta was an unusual but very attractive alternative to other snacks on the market, as approximately 8 out of 10 believed them “new and different” and also “better than what’s out there”.

The ‘flavoursome’, ‘lovely taste’ and ‘very crisp’ texture only improved consumer opinions and the introduction of price cemented their status as the new category leader. This innovative snack was seen as ideal both when chilling out (80%) and especially when entertaining friends (93%) while its ‘good sell by date’ also made it “a good stand by” (44%). The product had wide appeal and there was very little difference between demographic sub groups.

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