A devoted fan!!!

devoted fan of bruchetta garlic parsleyWe just thought we should share this message we received via email!

Oh my giddy aunt!! I have just finished a bag of your Garlic & Parsley Bruschetta!!! And there’s a bag of the Tomato & Herb that’s shouting at me!!!!

What a gorgeous, indulgent, tasty, and moreish snack these are!! They are crunchy, but won’t break your teeth, the flavour is exceptional…. I could go on and on and on……but I won’t!!

I just wanted you to know that I’ve introduced others to this snack, unfortunately for me they didn’t just stop at 1 piece either!!! Are there any other varieties? Not that I’m bothered…the ones I have are fabulous!!!

Well done, as they say – Keep Calm & Carry on Baking!!!!

Sue C

Thank you so much Sue!

All feedback, comments and praise is welcome so please, everybody, keep sending your kind messages…

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