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We use the finest ingredients to make these light, crispy bread snacks. A versatile savoury bread snack for snacking and meal accompaniment. A larder essential no waste solution. It’s perfect for school lunch, office lunch and home entertaining. Light, full of natural baked in flavour, an alternative to dry, hard and uninteresting crispbreads. Made with high oleic sunflower oil, all varieties are suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians. Incredible value compared to other snacks.

This is a formidable competitor to standard Crisps, Snacks and Savoury Biscuits. A well seasoned, consistently delicious, versatile family snack ! We are continually looking to bake and develop other delicious toasted breads for your enjoyment so always look out for what we have on shelf for you next – have you seen the Teacake Toasties ? ask your local shop for them..

Our aim is to give you simple flavour combinations creating an eating indulgence bursting with taste and texture. Eat our Bruschetta on their own or treat yourself with your favourite toppings. Entertaining is easy and quick. Use our breads as canapés, crumble into salads and soups, crush as a topping to oven bakes – the choice is endless.

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For all you lovely Veggies and Vegans out there who are reading the ingredients declarations avidly on the back of the pack and calling us – Rest assured the Tomato & Oregano and the Garlic & Parsley varieties are suitable for you both.

If you want a guarantor Neil Robinson ex Everton Footballer and VEGAN – he loves these!

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