Allioli 2 litre – Economy size


A handy pail of deliciousness. Our Allioli in Foodservice size – same recipe, same taste, same versatility. It will just last a little longer..  Essential Allioli, get some today – Love Chovi!

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A handy size pail of delicious Allioli for avid users of the delicious and versatile cooking secret! This is 10x a little pot. Allioli isn’t just a delicious classic Garlic mayonnaise but can be used to marinade, roast veg or any meat. Add into soups, stir fry your veg, even fry an egg. Made traditionally, Gluten Free, this is the most authentic Allioli our Master Chefs have perfected over many years. Allioli is the most versatile fridge essential for any Cook. Use as a Dip, instead of butter, any oil or even mayonnaise. Don’t forget, use in cooking to enhance any dish, other cooking sauces, as a marinade or to add a zing to Soups and Rice Dishes.. the possibilities are endless. ! Essential Allioli, get some today – Love Chovi!


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