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SLABS – The, Bigger, Bolder Crisp

SLABS – different and versatile

 The REVOLUTION has begun for more rustic, proper Crisps

Our Range of Products include


the thick and big hunky crisp thats 4 times thicker than any other boring potato crisp.

Made with olive oil combined with sensational flavours, our SLABS are huge and flat,  don’t break when dipped,

a great alternative to crackers or biscuits with cheese/ paté… you can reheat them too;

load them with cheese and chillies and oven heat them for a few minutes – better than Nachos !

Most flavours are Vegetarian, Sweet Chilli is Vegan and Sea Salt is Gluten Free.


delicious lightly toasted bread snacks, different varieties, made with fresh tomato, fresh garlic and fresh onion and a  sweet version,

Teacake Toasties, with cinnamon, spices, candied peel and fruit.

Great as a simple snack, add a topping they’re perfect for party canapé nibbles; great with cheese, paté.  Bruschetta is vegan / veggie friendly.


The world’s best selling Allioli. Made to an authentic recipe, using fresh purple garlic, oil and seasoning.

Allioli is an amazing dip but you can use Allioli wherever you use oil; marinade, season, roast, bake, fry, wherever you use oil, try Allioli instead.

Allioli is also gluten and lactose free.

If you have any nutritional or ingredient questions about our products please contact us via our contact page.

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