Recipe Ideas

Fajita Wraps

Don’t just accept that Salsa is the only thing to have with Mexican wraps – get some Allioli on your Tortillas!

Spring Rolls

It’s not just Plum Sauce that makes it taste good – try dipping your spring rolls in Allioli…

Fish & Chips

Chips dipped in Allioli or La Brava – fantastic ! It gives gravy, tomato or curry sauce a run for their money!

Egg Mayonnaise

Don’t put in just Mayonnaise – do a half and half mix with Allioli and live a little!


Don’t use butter for your sandwiches when you can use a spread of Allioli…. and the best news – Allioli is always spreadable!

Bolognese Sauce

Even if it’s out of a jar – a teaspoonful of Allioli mixed in and your guests will think it’s homemade! La Brava will add a chilli kick too.

Potato salad – add Allioli or La Brava and watch it come alive

Rib-Eye Steaks – lashings of Allioli in the pan – cracked black pepper – a man’s meal!

Stuffed Red Peppers – left over rice? – mix it with a generous amount of Allioli, stuff it into a red/green/yellow/orange sweet pepper, top with any grated cheese, sprinkle of dried mixed herbs, straight into the oven at 180ºC for 30 mins – serve on it’s own or with a chopped tomato salad – great supper!

Lettuce Wraps – Iceberg lettuce leaf, smeared with Allioli, slice of smoked ham, roll it up and get snacking.

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