Allioli, by Chovi, 4 x 2000ml Foodservice buckets

Available to all quality foodservice outlets.

This pack is 2000ml foodservice bucket (please be sure to ask for a dispensing pump)

Allioli should be stored in your chilled rooms and cabinets. Allioli is completely gluten free. It can be used and cooked just as you would with any oil. It can be eaten straight out of the pot as a dip. You can add other herbs and spices to create your own unique Allioli's

Cost is £5.75 per 2000ml bucket, a case contains 4 x 2000ml buckets

Shelf Life is 5+ months,

Please note that we send this product to you over an ambient transport route (Allioli contains garlic which is a natural preservative and means we can use ambient transport to get Allioli to you). Once received we ask that you immediately store in your chilled cabinets.

If you're buying our 2 litre range for the first time, you might want to order the dispensing pump, its free. You'll find it in the range on these pages

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Allioli is a classic “Mediterranean” dish, used as a mayonnaise, sauce or dip. Real Allioli is made with fresh pureed garlic (not powdered garlic or flavourings as used by many pretenders), vegetable oil and a little lemon juice, numerous variations have emerged but Allioli, by Chovi is still made the original homemade way. Made with real pureed garlic, natural ingredients, no additives or preservatives and totally Gluten Free, making this Allioli the most authentic. Allioli is the most versatile fridge essential for any Cook. Use as a Dip, instead of butter, any oil or even mayonnaise. Better still use in cooking to enhance any dish, other cooking sauces, as a marinade or to add a zing to Soups and Rice Dishes.. the possibilities are endless! Allioli, by Chovi and available exclusively form Great Food Affairs in both retail and foodservice formats, Love Chovi!


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