Allioli Artesano, made with more extra virgin olive oil & extra fresh garlic, 6 x 150ml (RRP £1.79)

Artesano Allioli is packed 6 x 150ml to a case

Unit cost is £1.20

Suggested selling price is £1.79 – to – £1.99

Shelf life is 5+ months

Storage is chilled

Merchandise in your chilled deck or cabinet, with mayos, dips, cheeses, pates

Butchers keep in your chilled cabinets

Garlic is a natural preservative and means that we can transport the product to you through an ambient logistics solution – please ensure you chill the goods on arrival.

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A gourmet gastro Artesano Allioli made for garlic lovers everywhere. Try our delicious Premium Allioli packed full of the taste of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and fresh garlic on your fresh crusty bread, with Tapas, Crudités, Tempura Prawns … enjoy the Spanish taste of sunshine whatever the weather!

Allioli is a classic “Mediterranean” dish, used as a mayonnaise, sauce or dip. Real Allioli is made with fresh pureed garlic (not powdered garlic or flavourings as used by many pretenders), vegetable oil and a little lemon juice, numerous variations have emerged but Allioli, by Chovi is still made the original homemade way. Made with real pureed garlic, natural ingredients, no additives or preservatives and totally Gluten Free, making this Allioli the most authentic. Allioli is the most versatile fridge essential for any Cook. Use as a Dip, instead of butter, any oil or even mayonnaise. Better still use in cooking to enhance any dish, other cooking sauces, as a marinade or to add a zing to Soups and Rice Dishes.. the possibilities are endless! Allioli, by Chovi and available exclusively from Great Food Affairs. Love Chovi!


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